Our license types

EPPlus 5 can be used under Polyform Noncommercial license or a commercial license

Commercial licenses

Commercial licenses

Our commercial licenses are based on a subscription model, rather than the traditional model with a perpetual license per major version and a separate renewal fee.

As long as you have a valid license, you can always upgrade to the latest version of EPPlus. We will constantly add new functionality, fix issues and improve the software - and our customers should benefit from those updates without hassle.

More info in our License FAQ


  • Licenses are per developer, but not personal.
  • Terms and conditions as specified in our End User License Agreement.
  • Number of licenses can be increased or reduced via our website.
  • Support is included via our website
  • We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express cards
  • All payments/billing are handled via our payment provider Stripe

Purchase your EPPlus licenses online - it is a simple process that takes less than 10 minutes! See our instruction videos.


Commercial use


Use EPPlus in a commercial context. The license is per developer within the same company with unlimited deployment locations. For detailed terms and conditions, see our End User License Agreement (EULA).

Optional and free trial period of 32 days.

Licenses Price/developer
1-4 299 USD/year*
5-9 269 USD/year*
10-24 249 USD/year*
25-49 229 USD/year*
50-∞ 179 USD/year*
* Prices do not include taxes

Pay as you go


Price per developer within the same company with unlimited deployment locations, automatic billing via Stripe. Number of licenses can be increased/decreased per month and the license can be paused/terminated at the end of each period. For detailed terms and conditions, see our End User License Agreement (EULA).

Licenses Price/developer
1-9 29 USD/month*
10-∞ 27 USD/month*
* Prices do not include taxes


Polyform Noncommercial license

EPPlus is from version 5 and onward licensed under the Polyform Noncommercial license, which means that its code is freely available and that it can be used for non commercial purposes.


  • Personal use for research, experiment, personal study, hobby projects, etc, without any anticipated commercial application.
  • Noncommercial organizations, for example charity, education, public research/safety/health.
  • Usage of EPPlus in a commercial environment requires a commercial license.

Polyform Noncommercial license

Free, unlimitid use of the EPPlus Nuget package/source code under condition that Polyform Noncommercial license conditions are followed.

License FAQ

More details here.